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Sourcing & Logistic

Feasible Source

If you’re willing to start a dropshipping company or want to open a physical storefront, one of the main challenges that you’ll face is finding the right supplier from whom you can source the products. If you’re willing to source the product from a different country, it’ll be tougher for you to do so, as you need to communicate with strangers.This is where we come in. Our marketing experts will look through the available options, and they will try their very best to find you the most feasible source.

Competitive Price

Did you know that you can lose a major portion of the sales if you fail to price the products properly? Often, it’s seen that a business fails to prosper because they either end up pricing their products too high, or they end up pricing their products way too low. Either way, it’s harmful to your business. With our services, you’ll never face this problem. Our expert consultants are highly trained and experienced, and they’ll always research the market and advise you on the best possible price for your product.

Trusted Supplier

It’s hard to find a trusted supplier nowadays. Even if you find that a supplier is performing well at the beginning, you can never be sure about whether that supplier will provide the same services after a year, whether they will allow you to trade at lower costs or not, and how they will hold up their end of the bargain. This is a major issue, and a lot of people fail in their business due to unreliable suppliers. Here at ‘Ecommvida’, we have employees who know the ins and outs of different suppliers, and even if they don’t, they will find them out. Once the suppliers are properly assessed, only then we will suggest you a certain supplier.

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We provide solutions for your growing e-commerce successful business. We are an internationally recognize online service providers that give services from pre to post for Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and digital Marketing.

If you are expanding an existing account, searching for an enterprise-level solution, or even starting a company from scratch, your choice of eCommerce development services has a significant effect on the viability and stability of your business.

Complete Amazon Product Research & Launching

A comprehensive Amazon Seller Central  Techniques

Complete EBAY Product Research And Launching

Get your entire eBay Seller Account services from Ecommvida

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Complete Shopify Store Management

Your journey to start Shopify store startes from here.

Shopify Account Management

Digital Marketing Services

A comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy to help your e-commerce business succeed online.

sourcing and logistic

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